Jesus declared guilty of assault

From the Chronicle Herald:

A Halifax man who thinks he’s Jesus and tried to use the Bible to defend himself on charges of assaulting his wife and child was found guilty on nine charges Monday in Halifax provincial court.

“Freedom of religion does not trump obligations to comply with the criminal law. This is so obvious that it goes without saying,” Judge Anne Derrick said in convicting Dalton Cornelius Jones of five counts of assault and single charges of uttering threats, assault with a weapon, resisting arrest and failing to appear in court

Except it did have to be said, and will probably always have to be said to remind people that what they think their religion allows isn’t always going to mesh with what the laws of our societies deem as appropriate treatment of human beings. So what if bible quotes can “prove” beating one’s wife and child is okay in the eyes of God? It’s sure as hell not okay in the eyes of the Canadian court 2000 some years later.

He replied that he was still going to represent himself, and said he didn’t refer to himself as Jesus during his closing arguments because Derrick didn’t want him to.

“May I say something impertinent? If Jesus Christ was here I would be recommending that he have a lawyer,” the judge replied.

His day for sentencing is September 23rd.

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