Americans believe in two gods

Maybe not both at the same time, but that’s still what the results of study amount to, I suspect. But, maybe that’s just me believing in something that isn’t really there…

A couple studies were done recently to track how beliefs in god affect feelings of worry. The findings were presented at the annual American Psychological Association gathering in Washington, D.C.

One study questioned 332 subjects solicited from religious Web sites and religious organizations that included Christians and Jews. The study found those who trusted in God to look out for them had lower levels of worry and less intolerance of uncertainty in their lives than those who had a “mistrust” of God to help them out, Rosmarin says.

The second study was of 125 subjects from Jewish organizations were shown an audio-video program designed to increase trust in God and decrease mistrust in God. Participants in the two-week program reported significant increases in trust in God as well as clinically and statistically significant decreases in intolerance of uncertainty, worry and stress.

These findings make some psychologists think they should be trained more in how to deal with their patients on a spiritual level, especially if it’s going make a noticeable difference in the state of their well being.

Isn’t that what pastors are for? If being told “Trust in God and everything will be rosy” actually worked to make people better, there’d be little need for psychologists.

I think the ones who are willing to admit to themselves that their god is a bastard are better off mentally. They’re not trying to fool themselves by pretending there’s a benevolent being out there that gives a damn. They’ve read their bibles, they’ve read about what that god has done, they choose to see his hand in the making of tragedy and given that god’s track record it’s hardly an illogical jump to conclusions. If this realization of reality has made them feel miserable, maybe the real help they need is guidance toward giving up gods completely. They need to be relieved of the belief that some malevolent force wishes them ill. Those people need to become atheists. It’ll make them feel better. Of course shit will still happen. Random terrible things will still happen. But at least those people wouldn’t be stuck believing they somehow deserve that divine punishment.

It’s a lot easier to deal with life’s challenges if you deal with the life that’s in front of you. There’s no need to credit or blame a god for any of it. Happiness can be a choice. Help is out there for those who know when to ask for it.

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