Thief caught attempting to sell rare Jesus art

“Frosty” had been storing the linen painting in a cupboard in his motor home, wrapped up in a bag. It had been a gift twenty years previous. His caretaker, Kelly Ghormley, learned of it somehow, knew it’d be worth a few bucks to the right buyer and decided to steal it from the 73 year old man. Ghormley then attempted to sell the cloth to Saint Joseph the Worker Church in their town, Madisonville, Tennessee, but those at the church realized what it was right away and alerted police. The painting

is actually believed to be a portrait of Jesus that was taken from the Veil of Veronica. Although not mentioned in the Bible, Roman Catholic tradition believes Veronica wiped Jesus’ face with a cloth, and the imprint of his face was kept on the veil. The painting contains the seal of Pope Leo XIII.

Which makes the art around 150 years old. Those in the know are unsure of how many cloths like this were produced but it’s still something of a rarity and valued in the range of $60,000 or more, going by the charge laid on Ghormley.

The Daily Mail has a picture of the thing and credits God moving in mysterious ways for why this lost piece of art “miraculously” came to light.

Ordinary human greed seems to be the more likely suspect if you ask me. Neither article includes information about what “Frosty” plans to do with his art now. Maybe he’ll sell it off legally now that he has a better idea of its worth. Time will tell.

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