Instead of asking for God’s help, get lucky crystals?

It seems weird not to see a god getting credit for this one. Zoe Sievwright, a Scottish skydiver, plummeted a thousand meters after her parachutes failed to open properly and all she suffered from the fall was a broken ankle.

Another skydiver, Craig Jaconelli, who also jumped from the same plane, said he watched the plunge in horror.

“It was horrible. I gave everybody a lucky crystal before we jumped and I think it has helped.”

People with less of a superstitious bend are suggesting the partially open tangled chutes did work to slow her descent quite a bit and landing in a boggy wet field rather than rough and solid ground helped immensely, too. There’s little need to credit her survival to some trinket. Kieran Brady of the company that trained her, Skydive Strathallan, is critical of her actions while failing, stating that she didn’t do everything she was supposed to do to make sure the second chute would open fully once she decided the first couldn’t be relied upon.

“In training she is taught that if she is not happy then she needs to go through her emergency drills. That is Zoe’s call alone.

“The reserve parachute opened successfully but Zoe did not remove the steering toggles and flare the canopy as she should have done. That would have allowed her to land. It is not unusual for people to see a more dramatic view than what reality is.”

Like everyone can keep their head on as they play “chicken” with planet Earth, no matter how many practices and training. But anyway, it’s good she lived. I wonder if she’ll ever try skydiving again after this.

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  1. tmso says:

    Apparently, this is not common, but not unheard of. I think i recently read a piece in Wired about all the people who feel from great heights and survived. There’s a surprising amount and quite a few sky divers.

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