Turns out Jesus is alive and beating up women in Halifax

Dalton Jones thinks he’s Jesus, at any rate, and is in the news on account of an ongoing court case where he’s facing multiple charges of assault: some girl he thought had disrespected him, and also his own wife.

Shealynn Jones also told the court she had planned to leave her husband and when she told him that she was leaving him, “He said, ‘The only way you’re leaving is if you’re six feet under and I put you there.’ ”

When she told him he wasn’t Jesus, he hit her twice in the face, Shealynn Jones said.

Dalton Jones, a native of Sierra Leone, previously told Judge Anne Derrick that he would represent himself at trial, but the judge agreed with the Crown and ordered him to have a lawyer cross-examine his wife.

He is representing himself for all other aspects of the trial.

Men find all kinds of reasons to beat up women but because he’s Christ? Which part of the bible did he read? Couldn’t have been any of the Jesus parts. I don’t know what the minimum penalty for assault is in Canada but hopefully the judge gives him more. And perhaps orders a psych evaluation, too. This guy has some issues.

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3 Responses to Turns out Jesus is alive and beating up women in Halifax

  1. tmso says:

    That seems pretty darn obvious. Hopefully they lock him up and give him some much needed help.

  2. Koinosuke says:

    That is a Fark worthy headline.

  3. 1minionsopinion says:

    That’s where I found the article, although Fark’s headline focused on Jesus “mooching” off people. Hardly the most important part of the story…

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