Gay Christian musicians have nothing to sing about

NPR has a piece up regarding the challenges Christian singers face when they dare to admit to their audience that they’re gay. I’m sure a lot of them are very talented people who deserve an audience. It’s too bad their audience sees fit to judge them for who they are and then quits going to shows because of it, though.

…Tim Dillinger, was known around Nashville as a go-to backup singer for gospel and secular recordings. Eventually, Dillinger began to get airplay for his own songs, such as “That’s the Kind of Love.” But one day, all that changed.

“Somewhere around the end of 2006, I came out on a gospel radio station in Kansas City,” Dillinger says. “I did an interview there with a minister, Gerald Palmer, and it was the first time I’d said it publicly. It was the first time I’d talked about it in any kind of public forum, let alone on a gospel station.”

Dillinger says coming out went from being a freeing experience to a devastating one.

“My audience in Nashville, where I was doing my concerts, literally cut in three-quarters,” Dillinger says. “I used to say it cut in half, but it was really three-quarters. I went from being able to fill a room to begging people to come again.”

After that, the article quotes Teresa Hairston of Gospel Today and it’s hard to tell if she’s comparing sexuality to a choice of marmalade or arsenic for one’s toast in the morning, or if she’s referring to the choice to admit it in the first place:

“I think people should be able to be open about their choices,” Hairston says. “They should be loved despite their choices. But they also have to realize that they have to be accountable for their choices, and that their choices have consequences.”

Consequence being loss of respect, revenue, and possibly recording contracts. All because they admit to being who they are, regardless of what some 2000 year old book claims is permissible in the eyes of their god.

That takes some guts, I think, and it’s a good thing there’s a secular music industry for them to move into when their hypocritical fan-base casts them aside. Otherwise nobody else would ever hear them. If they’re really good, they deserve success regardless of their sexual preferences.

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  1. tmso says:

    What blows my mind is that they want that audience back.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Turning the other cheek?


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