Is bible archeology the only archeology?

Hardly, but it seems like it’s the only kind of archeology that generates clickable headlines. Like this one: Jesus’ apostle’s tomb unearthed in Turkey. OMIGOD! Proof the bible is true! Quick! Go look! Your argument’s invalid! CHrisTians Win 4evaR!

An Italian professor has announced the apparent discovery of the tomb of St. Philip, one of Jesus Christ’s apostles, at the ancient city of Hierapolis in the Aegean province of Denizli.

The discovery of the grave of the biblical saint, who was killed by the Romans 2,000 years ago, will attract immense attention around the world, said Francesco D’Andria. St. Philip, one of the 12 apostles, came to Hierapolis 2,000 years ago to spread the Christianity before being killed by the Romans, the professor said.

The article goes into a few details about how this became the conclusion. As of the writing of the article, the tomb hadn’t been opened yet but right or wrong it looks like they’re sure this will boost Christian tourism.

I doubt tourism will get such a boost in Saskatchewan but there were a couple interesting finds in this province recently, too. In two separate incidents, old remains were pretty much stumbled over. No tombs, no churches, just found.

Archeologists have determined the bones found by a couple of canoeists Wednesday on the shore of Moosoomin Lake in Moosoomin Regional Park are those of an adult aboriginal male who died about 500 to 1,000 years ago.

The remains are to be turned over to the Heritage Conservation Branch with Saskatchewan Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport for proper reburial.

The other remains were uncovered by a construction company in Oxbow and estimated to be around 200 years old. They’ll be given to the HCB, too.

No word on whether the owners of either body would have known or even cared who Jesus Christ was.

But they lived and they loved; they believed whatever they wanted to believe and then they died. Just like Phillip. No tombs, no churches, just life and death.

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