Shifting perspectives

I had a weird year. At least, compared to the decade that preceded it.

I actually dated people.

The one I referred to as the Man on here once in a while wasn’t in my life very long but the effects of knowing him have been long lasting. Not all of them in a positive way, however. Without going into specific details about the past week, let’s just say I’ve been enlightened. It was a light sorely needed for the dark place in which I’d found myself living and now I’ve finally climbed the hell out of it.

Self-discovery, self-recovery.

As people, I think we’re all better off being as straight-forward and honest as we can be. Of course, that means we have to be honest with ourselves as well. We have to be willing to recognize our flaws. We have to realize how many of our beliefs and assumptions might be skewed or flat out wrong. And, most importantly, we have to be willing to change them once the evidence is in that it’s the next necessary step. To stand there stubbornly with eyes closed, ears plugged, and singing “fa la la la can’t hear ya” at the top of your lungs is no way to go through life. Not if you actually expect to get something worthwhile out of it.

Just my two cents on a Saturday.

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3 Responses to Shifting perspectives

  1. Stewart Paterson says:

    It’s life innit? It hurts, it thrills. We love, we learn, we keep going.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Indeed. It’s a lesson I’ve learned before but apparently I was in need of reminding.

  3. tmso says:

    We all need to hear that every now and then. Thanks.

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