A song I made up while I was durnk

Er.. drunk.

Do you love me,
you ten foot snake?

If you love me
then show me
Please squeeze me
say you’ll devour me

be true to me
be true to you
do what you do
and squeeze me
devour me
with glee




As it happens, the microphone I thought I had with which to record this is not actually here. I don’t know if you should count your lucky stars or feel sad about that. It’s actually kind of wistful and cute when I sing it to myself, like I did on the way home from Taste of Saskatchewan tonight. CFI-Saskatoon aka Saskatoon Freethinkers held a “pub night” at the venue this evening that was pretty well attended, although not everyone stayed across the whole of it. Mostly we just hung out by the South Saskatchewan River nearish the Bessborough Hotel and watched boats and hot air balloons go by. We also talked about music, LSD – in relation to Aldous Huxley who wrote Brave New World, our next banned book – and complained about shitty ends to relationships – at least, two of us did.

A couple quotes got tossed around regarding, not specifically that, but life in general, one from a book one of the guys was reading that quoted someone named John Gay:

“Life is a jest, and all things show it; I thought so once, but now I know it.”

Which apparently was used on the man’s gravestone, according to the guy reading the book.

The other was a related quote by Elvis Costello:

“I used to be disgusted; now I try to be amused.”

Which led to some debate about whether or not that had religious overtones but by that point I was gearing up to go home and I don’t know if anything got decided either way. Not that it matters. We just like to ruminate and ponder. I don’t think actual answers need to be found and pinned down most of the time.

All in all it was a good night and I was glad I got out and hung out with my peeps. I told them tonight that I don’t know what I’d do without that group; I’d probably resort to finding another tv obsession. That got a few laughs. (This group never knew me in my Buffy the Vampire Slayer days. They don’t really get how serious I was in stating that. They really don’t…)

Also going on, tomorrow night we’re having a Skeptics organized BBQ. What’s there to be skeptical about you might ask? No idea, but I read today about a recent Google science fair project regarding carcinogens and whether or not certain marinades will make a difference in reducing them. I’m not a big BBQ fan myself but I think I can drag a few wieners and buns over and chow down with relish (both the condiment and the emotion). There’s nothing like grilled or campfired wieners to make summer feel real. Assuming the rain can stay away another day. Crazy country…

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2 Responses to A song I made up while I was durnk

  1. Laurance says:

    Well, Minion, that’s quite some song! I’m a snake lover myself, have two little ball pythons and love them dearly. I love the big snakes, but it’s just too dangerous to keep them as far as I’m concerned. At least for someone like me. Things can go wrong at feeding time.

    I made what we call a “Stupid Feeding Error”, or “SFE” for short, and found Julius Squeezer instantly chomped on my finger and wrapped around my wrist. She’s small enough that she didn’t injure me (although the bite hurt and bled a bit, it wasn’t serious), and I said again, for the umpteenth time, “This is why I have SMALL snakes, non-venomous.” While I haven’t actually been bitten often at all, when she and her buddy go into Feeding Mode and S-curve themselves in That Way and have That Intense Body Language about them, I think, “If you kids were really big snakes and weren’t confined, I’d be scared sh*tless right now. You could strike faster than I could move and I’d be dead meat.”

    OTOH, there’s something wonderful about snuggling with a big snake. I had the pleasure of holding/carrying a sizable albino Burmese python, and I have to say that snakes are sensual and pleasurable as the dickens. Your song rings true and makes me wonder if you are a snake owner/snake lover, too, and if you have a big snake, or access to big snakes.

    Are you going to record your song? YouTube?

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Ah, no. No recording will actually happen.. at least none that I’ll let people see…

    Not much a snake lover. I like them as necessary creatures and have had garter snakes in hand a few times but it’d never cross my mind to want to own any.

    The song actually refers to a reflection I had this week about why people need people and a feeling that sometimes a person can be so starved for affection that even the killing squeeze of an enormous reptile could be mistaken for love.

    Thanks for your comments about snake ownership and the level of affection a person can actually have for them. I will never look at a snake the same way again…

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