Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 7

Last week it was radio stations and favourites and not-favourites-anymore. This week it’s more about mood swings, a la week two of my ongoing meme series here. That time it was songs that affected my mood, this batch is supposed to be songs I listen to on account of mood.

Challenge 20: a song for when I’m angry. The easiest answer would be, whatever happens to be on. I don’t have a playlist just for moments when I’m pissed off. I used to use Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch” as the one that really solidified a pissy mood. “Jerk” by Kim Stockwood would work, if I had a guy to be pissed off at.

Challege 20: a song for when I’m sad. What kind of sad? Lovesick sad? Lots of choices for that kind of sad. I have B.B. King’s version of “Mean old World” here, which is great when feeling dismal but Patsy Cline is the queen of the pity party. Nearly everything she ever performed was a bitch about a lost love. I love her. “It Should’ve Been Me” by Yvonne Fair is a saddish one. “Don’t Marry Her (Have me)” by Beautiful South comes to mind but “Marry Me” by Elle Garden is the one that can drive me to tears every time and I have no idea why. The song sounds so upbeat, too.

(clearer lyric version here)

Challenge 23 is a song I’d choose for a wedding. Unlikely to happen (I’d elope or JP to save money), but when I was a kid, I used to really love “Annie’s Song” and found it impossible to sing without getting choked up. I’ve grown out of that one, though. There are a few songs from the Final Fantasy collection that seem wedding worthy (nobody I’d invite to my wedding would know I was nicking sheet music from video games). Nobuo Uematsu is a fantastic pianist in his own right anyway, so who cares. There’s also a song called “Inisheer” that’s been done my many artists. The version I like by Buttons & Bows doesn’t seem to be available via Youtube but no matter. I’ll snag another.

I’d love to walk down an aisle to that, if a wedding was in my future at all. Further along, Tom Waits’ “Little Trip to Heaven” would be a sweet first dance. Or “There’s Nothing I Don’t Love About You” by Mike Plume and his Band.

Challenge 24 is a song I’d use at a funeral. Any version of “When I Leave the World Behind” would work. For irony’s sake, I could request Tom Waits’ “Jesus Gonna Be Here.” Maybe “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and ruin The Wizard of Oz for everyone later. That’s a very old favourite of mine. Probably most appropriate.

Rather than leave on a downer, a song that makes me laugh needs to go in here, as Challenge 25. Have some Cookie Monster. Everybody loves Cookie Monster. If you don’t there’s something wrong with you and you need to see a doctor.

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