Incestuous Jesus OneTouch to get out of jail free


Jesus Onetouch, Founder and General Overseer of Jesus Blood Prophetic Ministry, who was convicted about six months ago for committing incest, had filed the appeal to challenge his 10-year jail-term.

His defense team claimed that the prosecution failed to properly contest the appeal and begged the judge to uphold it. Apparently the prosecution was late getting there.

A few minutes after the case had been adjourned, the prosecutor arrived. Although Mr. Wiredu informed the court that he wanted to make a submission, the judge did not allow him to talk because the matter had already been adjourned.

Until July 15th. Justice Emmanuel K. Dzakpasu will use the time until then

to study the case since it was possible for him “to disagree with the decision taken by both the defence and the prosecution”.

Presumably the judge still grant the very early release, sadly. OneTouch was accused of having sex with his ten year old daughter. The man was supposed to get 10 years each for defilement and incest, to be served concurrently. It sucks that a guy who’d do that can escape punishment for it. I’m sure his followers are already making plans to celebrate this particular miscarriage of justice and OneTouch has his “God loves me best” speech already prepared.

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  1. tmso says:

    That’s sick. Wouldn’t it be nice if an alien made of light and heat came out of the sky and cut of his dick and make him eat it?

    No justice in this world…

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