Christian group attempts to stop stopping school bullies?

At least, the kind that use gender and sexuality as a reason to pick on people. The Edmonton Logos Society is a Christian group that is allowed to run a program in a few of the city’s public schools. They’re freaking out about a new policy put forth by the schools regarding sexual minorities and the need to improve their school experience.

All children should be free from bullying and everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, in keeping with Jesus’s teachings, the notice says.

“However, if the policy developed . (it) means that our Logos teachers and principals would no longer be able to express freely in their classrooms that the homosexual lifestyle is not in accord with their Christian beliefs, and that they would be required to ‘affirm’ homosexual lifestyle as acceptable to traditional Christian family values, then we cannot accept this,” the two-page notice says in bold lettering.

So all kids deserve dignity and respect, except those destined for their particular brand of hell?

The alert, sent out in a newsletter and on the Logos website, urges parents to read the draft policy, express their opinions to Edmonton public school officials and trustees, and pray trustees won’t “put teachers and principals in a position where they would be prohibited from freely expressing their Christian beliefs in the classroom. After all, this is what our program is all about.”

Then I think it’d behoove school organizers to try and get that religious group’s program out of public schools. I suppose that’s unlikely to happen, however.

They state on their website that their program “operates under the jurisdiction and authority of the Edmonton Public School Board and is subject to such rules and regulations as the Board shall determine.” So, if the Board has decided that these LGBT kids need more support in a school environment they will have to abide by that decision, no matter how much it might pain them.

They’re also pissed off that the schools wouldn’t let them hand out their discrimination documentation directly to the students like usual. Distributing “politically motivated communications” such as that goes against school policy so they resorted to making parents stand on the sidewalks and hand them out that way.

At the time the article was written, less than 30 families had gone to the board complaining about the policy. School board chairman Dave Colburn is quoted as saying,

“I would hope that, by and large, the Christian community would understand the importance of respecting the dignity, safety and well-being of all of our students,” Colburn said Sunday.

“It seems to me the principles of safety, respect and acceptance of all people and understanding the value of every human being would be a fundamental part of Christianity, and I’d like to think people would consider those values when they respond to the creation of this policy.”

While Christian beliefs remain at odds with this human rights issue, these kinds of of stories are going to keep cropping up. It’s good to see the schools are trying to embrace a more inclusive way of looking at gender but so long as Christian groups have say about what goes on in those buildings, it’s going to be a challenge to carry it out. These groups are intent on keeping a slice of society down by demonizing their existence, in much the same way as early Christians dehumanized blacks. More people need to stand up and criticize these groups and their so-called ethics and morality. They’re not helping as much as they like to claim.

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3 Responses to Christian group attempts to stop stopping school bullies?

  1. No child should be excluded due to sexual orientation. This is NOT a “sin”, it is a natural occurrence in life. Some people are born gay, and as such do not choose their sexual orientation. For the allowance of this archaic, racist, and idiotic belief to prevail would only confirm that they allow racism and ignorance to dictate their policies. Religion is the disease here, not sexual orientation!

  2. 1minionsopinion says:


    I’d been to a conference here in Saskatoon a few months back that dealt with this issue and had some very interesting speakers. I was appalled listening to one girl who’d gone to my highschool (years after I did) and talked about how she was treated for being gay. It floored me to think about what that would have been like. Then I thought back to being in school in the late ’80s early ’90s and I knew of nobody admittedly gay. Statistically there must have been some but clearly they didn’t dare advertise it. It’s high time that changes.

  3. Bruce Llama says:

    Again the christians pretending that they’re the persecuted ones and that we should all pay attention to them and allow them to express their insanity as if it was something to be admired and up held. Meanwhile kids who are gay continued to be bullied and vilified by christians.

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