Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 6

Should I be linking to past weeks so readers can catch up on what songs I’ve listed as part of this 30 song meme, or are they all smart enough to search for Sounds of Sunday and dig them out? Work for your pleasure.

Last week it was some likes, dislikes, and a confession. This week, it’s a mix of crap:

Challenge 15 – a song that describes me? Hmm. “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer might work. Onetta is either a hooker or staffing a fitting room at Walmart:

Onetta there in the corner stand
and wonders where she is and
it’s strange to her
some people seem to have everything

Nine a.m. on the hour hand
and she’s waiting for the bell
and she’s looking real pretty
just wait for her clientele

She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey
she works hard for the money
so you better treat her right

I’ve done the latter. Pain in the ass. I didn’t work hard for my money there, though. I just showed up, did as little as I could get away with and skittered off giggling as they paid me for my laziness and overall animosity regarding the place. I don’t have the same work ethic at the library, though. I work my kiester off for those people.

Challenge 16: a song I used to love but now hate. It was easy to select “I’m Like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado. I loved that song when it came out but since she’s a Canadian singer-songwriter, and since Canadian radio stations like to play Canadian content if they can (at least 30% of it for most or all stations), it meant hearing this song 30 times a day. At least, it felt like it. I think sometimes they’d mix it up a little and play yet another single from the Barenaked Ladies, ultimately ruining those tunes for me, too.

Challenge 17: a song I hear often on the radio. I don’t listen to the radio much so this one doesn’t really apply. I can say that Tom Waits winds up playing a lot on my iPod, but that’s what happens when you manage to get a copy of (nearly) every album the man put out, plus his early work and covers which may or may not have been released with his permission. No song seems to be haunting me more than any other, though. “Down There By the Train” is playing right now, which reminded me.

Challenge 18: a song I wish I heard on the radio. Not applicable, either. For one thing, there’s Youtube. For another there’s and Live365 and Sirius Radio, actual radio stations that encourage listening online and stations on the television besides. If you want to hear it bad enough, you can find a station that will play it, or build your own, if you have to. I could say I’d like to hear more Nizlopi, Razorlight, Camera Obscura, Animal Collective, Al Stewart, Brett Dennen, Amy Kuney, Julia Nunes, Mike Plume Band, Nick Drake.. there are all kinds of terrific artists that get missed by people who’d rather keep their stations set to Autotune FM and never hear anything truly original sounding.

Challenge 19: a song from my favourite album. I don’t really have one anymore. I guess the closest has to be from a series of albums from the Ultra Lounge collection. I’m torn between Space Capades and Bongoland. Space Capades has both “Gay Spirit” and “Satan Takes a Holiday” on it. Oh, and “Holiday for Strings” which always throws me back to hilarious ’50s ads for vacuum cleaners and clothes washers. You listen and see if you don’t agree with me there.

Bongoland only has a sweet version of “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.” worth noting.

I just love the idea of Satan taking a holiday. Where out of hell would he want to go anyway, somewhere cold to get away from it all? Maybe he’s on a first name basis with all the penguins. No penguins in this post, but I did find Robin Cousins skating to a version of the song by some unknown band. It’s better than staring at a copy of the album cover.

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