Lack of Jesus knowledge can keep you out of Canada?

This is plainly ridiculous.

A Chinese migrant seeking refugee status in Canada on the grounds that he faced persecution back home for his Christian beliefs was repeatedly asked by the Immigration and Refugee Board last year to describe what Jesus was “like as a person.”

The man’s inability to attribute human characteristics to Jesus formed part of the board’s decision to deny his refugee claim.

The details are contained in a recent Federal Court ruling, which dismissed the man’s application for a judicial review of the board’s decision but did agree that the board’s line of questioning about Jesus was “somewhat awkward.”

He wasn’t Pentecostal enough to pass muster, apparently. At the time he claimed he was usually the look-out for the underground Christian church. Kind of hard to know what everyone’s doing inside when you’re outside, but whatever. It still seems like an odd reason to keep a person out of the country. No doubt there’s more to it, but this little weirdo nugget is the only bit we get.

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