Wax work Jesus rubbed off the wrong way

Well, the right way, actually, with whatever takes wax off wood. Unfortunately for Ogbourne St George church in Wiltshire and its parishioners, an unknown but diligent cleaner cleared the drippy wax Jesus off the pulpit. The gravity creation was first noticed at Easter and subsequent drips only added to its charm.

The image could only be seen from a certain angle.

“You had to be in the right seat,” said Mrs Irwin.

“From the side it just looked like dripped wax. It was only when you looked at it face-on that you could see it.”

Although many within the small congregation saw a face some were unwilling to “sign up to more then that”, she said.

Despite going through the church’s cleaning rotas, no-one has admitted to scraping away the wax image.

“I felt really disappointed actually and I wished I’d done more about preserving it,” admitted Mrs Irwin.

Nicky Irwin’s sad little picture of it looks more like somebody’s barf so I can see why she’s bummed.

Ah well.

I suppose we can wax philosophical over it, how all things must end, or how we only appreciate things once they’ve been lost, or what have you. I’ll never understand why it qualifies as news, though.

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