Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 5

I don’t know what my readers think of this music meme I’m working through, but I’m having a good time. Last week it was the music I could sing, swing, or snore along with. This week it’s a bit more of what I like, dislike plus possible embarrassment.

Challenge eleven is a song from my favourite band. I don’t know if I can say I have one anymore. I like a lot of different kinds of music and will pick based on mood or style rather than artist, usually. Spirit of the West was a favourite for a while in university. Their “Home For a Rest” album is still a kick-ass favourite that must be cranked for best results. Earlier than that, as in grade school, I went through a Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet” phase because every girl I knew was drooling over those boys and fitting in was the thing to do. I had a Nitty Gritty Dirtband album that got a lot of play a year or two later for the same reason. Beyond uni, I discovered Afrocelt Sound System and Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Maybe I should just say my favourite comes from the latter: “Music for a Found Harmonium.” It can be the favourite today, at least. If you can’t recall where you heard it before, it might help you to know it appeared near the end of Napoleon Dynomite, but wasn’t on the soundtrack as sold.

Challenge 12, a song from a band I hate. Since I don’t keep music from bands I hate around here, how am I supposed to know? I expect it’d wind up being some screamy screechy thing I don’t know the name of from one of those metal bands I never saw a point in “listening” to. Or some big hit by the Eagles, or CCR maybe. Again, I avoid what I dislike; I don’t seek it out to torture myself.

Challenge 13, the guilty pleasure. I’ll admit I like listening to CFCR on the drive to work in the mornings when that one announcer guy is on who plays Sesame Street songs. He varies it sometimes though. One day it was Fred Penner. One morning he surprised me with “Skinnamarinkydinkydink” by Sharon, Lois and Bram. I belted that puppy out like others might sing the latest Lady Gaga number. It was a nice way to start the morning. Yeah, I looked a little weird at the red light, but hell with it. Skinnamarinkidoo, I love you…

Challenge 14, is the song that no one expects me to love. Well, I’ll admit that I actually think Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is kind of catchy. Like the plague, obviously, but catchy. It’s not good. I know it’s not good. It’s the music equivalent of a Twinkie, but sometimes you just get that craving, you know? To fill up on fluff and pointlessness. I can totally imagine how much I would have adored that song at the age of 10. It’s that juvenile. It’s Mini Pops for a new generation.

Hm. I wonder whatever happened to those kids…

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