Note to self…

Yesterday I had all kinds of stupid booboos in my writing. Broken quote things and misinformation. Really. How did I screw up what city the Canucks play for? Clearly the “Preview” button needs to blink or make noise or something. Or the “Publish” button should tweak a warning box: “Sure you wanna publish as is? You’ll look like a moron if you don’t check your spelling and codes first…”

Or I really should start the morning with coffee and caffeinate those brain cells a little more…

I watched Gattaca last night. (Released in 1997? Really? It’s probably been that long since I watched it, actually.) Ethan Hawke plays the in-Valid Vincent playing Valid Jerome, He’s living in a society that has tweaked genetics to the point where all babies are completely planned out ahead of time for the best possible lives and abilities. Vincent was one of the God kids, though, whose parents actually made him as they made love. They didn’t make that same mistake the second time, as they learned Vincent was likely to die young and be physically and mentally limited. (Their second kid was much improved.) Vincent grows up knowing he wants to go to Titan but will never get there with his inferior genes keeping him out of Gattaca, the elite company that sends people to space regularly.

Fortunately there’s this underground “borrowed ladder” body market. The genetically superiour Jerome was in a car accident and can no longer achieve his swimming dreams so he gives Vincent his blood, urine and hair so Vince can use his DNA to get a job with the space program. Then there’s a murder on site and suspicion falls on his original in-Valid self as the possible perpetrator…

There’s a scene in there where the detectives decide they need to get more blood from all the suspects, which means Vincent has to swipe his own blood vial and switch it with a vial of Jerome’s. He resorts to pretending pain and clumsiness in order to do it. This part reminded me of John Schneeberger. He was a doctor in Kipling, Saskatchewan and under suspicion of sexual assault back in the early ’90s. He went so far as to insert a tube of someone else’s blood under his own skin to avoid getting caught with a DNA test. (More about that story here)

I don’t really have a point with that anecdote. Or this post, for that matter.

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3 Responses to Note to self…

  1. Jim says:

    That’s funny. I happen to own a copy of that movie, though I haven’t watched it in a loooong time. I recall it was pretty good though (duh. Why else would I own a copy?)

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    I’m not a huge Uma Thurman fan but I like Jude Law quite a bit. For some reason, while watching it I was thinking the real Jerome aka Eugene (Jude) would somehow sabotage Vincent’s efforts. What’s Eugene getting out of this beyond money for his “donations”? How could he be satisfied to sit there while Vincent takes his name and genetic pedigree to the stars? Maybe that’s why he opts for a different “journey” once Vincent’s gone?

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