Canadian researchers reinterpret Hebrew Bible

CNN has something called iReport that allows ordinary joes to play journalist and someone from Radisson, Saskatchewan posted a short article about the Chronicle Project. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. I suspect the poster is one from the team itself looking for a bit of press. Thanks a lot, FARK, for linking to it…

A research group in Canada, has proven that the Old Testament has been massively mistranslated.

This follows three years of research, which have uncovered the actual system for translating ancient Hebrew.

The group discovered that each letter is not a letter at all, but a full word, and what was believed to be a word, is actually a sentence like description, which supplies the definition of the word. With this discovery, each word can now be properly defined and the results are astounding.

This means a word can no longer be disputed and swayed by doctrinal pressures

If accurate, the findings will rewrite everything we presently believe about the scriptual beginnings of the Earth.

Their site provides some explanation of how they did this and includes reworked translations of the glyphs that make up Genesis and company. Plus footnotes. This I grab from their PDF of the first creation story in there.

Computer models have been developed to see what would happen if a portion of the worlds oceans were put into orbit forming a bubble around the earth. Acting like a lens, the sunlight would be distributed so that most of the earth would become semi tropical by receiving equal light. The second effect, would be the screening of almost all of the sun’s harmful radiation, which might explain the rapid shortening of the human life span after the bubble collapsed, forming part of the flood.

Writing like that makes it hard to take this group seriously.

They claim they use something called “Self Defining Hebrew,” a method of attaching meaning to individual glyphs that supposedly bring the stories closer to their true intent. I did a bit more poking around to find other references to SDH and found a few forum posts from 2010 at Above Top Secret , clearly a conspiracy theory haven:

“Does The Chronicle Project research prove Joseph Smith never heard from God?

Eve was A Clone…actual hebrew proves it”

“The Oldest Conspiracy Theory is now FACT” – this being: “the Powers That Be have actually funded the distortion of the Bible translations we have.”

With their discovery, Hebrew has been shown to have each word’s definition embedded in each word, and because of this, you cannot mistranslates a word.
Once applied, the results were astounding, which makes me ask this question.
If the PTB did screw with this, what were they trying to hide and what will they do to the research team that has made this discovery?

Probably nothing.

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