A phallic cross? Maybe…

But ever look at the steeples of most churches? Who are they trying to impress with those erections?

Anyway, a cab driver in York had an odd looking cross displayed in his cab and a tender 15-year-old was apparently offended by the look of the thing.

The driver’s boss, Clare Cook, is quoted.

Miss Cook was told that the boy had complained about the taxi driver’s cross after being taken to school in York. He had also complained about the man’s driving, she said.

She pointed out that the driver had never been the subject of a complaint before and had an excellent safety record. “I am personally deeply offended and very sympathetic for the driver,” she said. “Not only is an ornament of this nature a religious one, but the complaint and its implication is a very serious one.

“The safety of the passengers is always my number one priority, and so is my drivers’ reputation and trust.”

The driver, who asked not to be named, said he had bought the blue cross on holiday in Greece six years ago. He described himself as “incredulous” when he heard about the complaint, adding: “I couldn’t believe that anyone would think it wasn’t a cross.

“I have taken it off the dashboard as requested because I do not want to lose my licence but I do not think this has been handled properly.”

Others agree with him. There’s some question as to whether people overreacted to a dick.. I mean, young passenger who just complained for the hell of it.

Personally, I don’t see much point in compulsive advertising of one’s faith in the first place. Hanging a cross somewhere doesn’t automatically make that person a good person. All it demonstrates is that the owner of the cross cares very deeply about how he or she appears to the world at large. “It matters to me that they know I’m Christian. It matters to me that they think I’m Christian. Christians are always assumed to be a certain kind of person; I desperately want them to believe I embody those traits, too.”

I expect they would disagree with me, but I still think it could be an unconscious running commentary behind their motivations. It doesn’t matter what’s said to the contrary, most people care about what others think, in varying degrees. And if the claim is, “Oh, but I wear mine to remind me of Jesus…” then my response has to be: your faith must be pretty shaky if you need still reminders of who and what you’re supposed to believe in.

I expect the anonymous driver will get to put the trinket from his holiday in Greece back on his dashboard at some point, or some other cross. The article mentions an electrician in West Yorkshire who was at risk of losing his job over a palm cross. I wrote a bit about it and LifesiteNews reports that Colin Atkinson has been allowed to remain on the job, and his cross can, too.

WDH said, “We are pleased to announce that after prolonged negotiations with Colin and his trade union over the past nine months, we are on the verge of reaching an amicable solution, allowing Colin to be close to his faith while maintaining WDH values.”

In a mutually agreed settlement, Atkinson will move the palm cross from the company van’s dashboard to the outside of the glove box. In return, his boss will remove a poster of Cuban communist terrorist Che Guevara from the wall of the company office. A company spokesman also said that a Muslim employee would be allowed to wear a burka in company colours.

Three cheers for the power of compromising, I guess.

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