5 million steps to end world hunger would have also worked..

Better, in fact, because that could have raised some substantial funds for such a worthwhile cause. A penny per step even. Something, at least.

So why did Charles Anderson, 58, walk that much? He did it for Jesus.

Charles Anderson didn’t think taking five million steps along the Appalachian Trail was too much, especially since he was on a mission for Jesus.

Anderson set out to section-hike the entire length of America’s most famous footpath for one simple reason: that’s where the youth are. Indeed, Anderson discovered that many of America’s youth were walking along the same path—and many of them are searching for the meaning of life. Anderson knew he had the answers they were looking for: Jesus Christ.

The article doesn’t include success statistics so who knows if his tracts found traction in the hearts of these young hikers, or if they got recycled at rest stops. Paper is paper, after all. Waste not, want not.

Although he didn’t get a decision just then, the young man promised to think about it—and he continued down the Appalachian Trail. Anderson continued along the trail too, and offers similar stories of his work spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in his new book, “Beyond My Limits,” a book he hopes will encourage Christians “to get off their La-Z-Boys and on the trail.”

Think they post this stuff right now because there aren’t many days left before Christ’s return? Hop to it, fat Christians. Show your worth to Jesus! God speed! Pester those who would skip church in these final days and piss around on the trails instead! There’s still time! Run..well, okay, wheeze your way to the nearest section of the trail and prepare them for the end times!

I wonder if any Canadians have taken to hounding the folks who hike our version of this thing, the Trans Canada Trail. The intent of ours is to span the entire country, but I’m sure for large chunks of it a believer would starve to death before someone worth attempting to save wandered by with coffee and a box of Timbits.

Of all the things to spend time doing…

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