“God is not a political gimmick” — and yet…

I wrote about South Africa’s political parties before. They sure have God love over there. The Christian Democratic Party is pissed off (yet again) at the African National Congress party. Their tactics suggest to voters that picking ANC is the only way to carry out God’s will.

“We insist that the ANC stops this blasphemy. God is not a political gimmick,” CDP leader Theunis Botha said.

Funny line, coming from a party naming itself as Christian. Isn’t that also a gimmick?

The party, which has councillors in the Johannesburg and Tshwane metros, felt the ANC was showing “impertinence” by comparing the Freedom Charter, a document which sets out aspirations of equality, and the Bible, a text which documents Christian history and beliefs.

Yeah, there isn’t much equality in the bible. Lots of slavery, lots of people killing women and children because God thinks it’s a good idea, but not much equality.

This was an attempt by the ruling party to portray itself as Christian and saintly, said Botha. He complained it was doing this at the same time as not scrapping laws which permit abortion, gambling and pornography.

I hope for the sake of women all over South Africa that ANC stays in, then.

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