Will Scientology help Lindsay Lohan?

I learn of this via TVNZ:

John Travolta has reportedly introduced Lindsay Lohan to Scientology.

The 57-year-old actor – who is a devout follower of the bizarre sci-fi cult – has suggested the troubled star should give the religion a shot in the hope it will get her career and life back on track.

She and Travolta have joined the cast of Gotti: Three Generations. Not only will she (hopefully) show up for her scenes in that and finish her court ordered community service, apparently she promised him she’d check out a Church of Scientology induction course and perhaps get counseling through them.

An insider told the National Enquirer magazine: “Even though producers were hesitant to hire Lindsay because of her troubled past, Travolta assured them he’d take her under his wing.

“He feels confident he’ll be able to keep her on the straight and narrow… now and forever.”

I’m sure he also had confidence that Battlefield Earth would be a hit movie. Careful with the promise making, Mr. Travolta.

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