The title says it all: Jesus not guilty

Not guilty of what, you ask? This:

THE faithful at St Thomas’ Anglican Church are convinced local residents, and not Jesus, killed their fig trees.

There’s a story in the bible where Jesus curses a fig tree to death because it’s not producing fruit (Mark 11:12-14; 20-25). Way to fix the problem, Jesus. I don’t know what kind of lesson people are supposed to take from it, bear fruit or you’ll piss Jesus off? (If you care, bible study lessons regarding these verses are here and here.)

The Rector at the church in Leichhardt, New South Wales, suspects vandalism. The trees are quite tall so possibly people got sick of Newton’s law of gravity being tested on their noggins when the figs were in season, plus fruit bats congregate there whenever the fruit falls and not everyone thinks they’re cute.

“This is also an act of cultural vandalism. Famous Australian architect Edmund Blacket (who designed University of Sydney and St Andrew’s Cathedral) built the old house next to the trees.’‘

Leichhardt Council has received two reports of tree poisoning in the past 12 months, while Marrickville has had nine requests to investigate poisoning incidents in the same period.

Cold Chisel guitarist Ian Moss was also angered last month when a tree near his house in Annandale was poisoned in a similar fashion. Mr McGrath did a letter drop in the area during the weeks after he discovered the damage on January 22. The church will be forced to fork out thousands of dollars to remove the trees later this year.

It’s unfortunate that people will resort to these kinds of behaviours. Would they ever have a good reason to kill trees? Makes a person wish Ents existed…

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