It was naive to assume Saskatoon was immune to the lun…

…acy that is Harold Camping and his end of the world followers. Friend and fellow Freethinker Koinosuke snapped this puppy while on Circle Drive.


Anyone who can afford to pay the price can advertise on a billboard but I’d love to see a small survey done of people who drive or walk by this thing and find out their opinions about it but I’m too chicken to set up something like that and do it. The aim wouldn’t be to judge anyone for their beliefs, but just to get a little feedback from the “regular” folks who aren’t living their lives up to their eyeballs in atheist/religious issues. I don’t even know what kinds of questions would be best to ask, though. Hypothetically speaking, it’d probably be along the lines of:

Do you believe this and why or why not?
If yes, have you heard the broadcasts on this station?
Do you know Camping tried predicting the end before and misled everyone?
What sort of signs do you think signal The End and why?

Anything else that could be asked?

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3 Responses to It was naive to assume Saskatoon was immune to the lun…

  1. Koinosuke says:

    I would be very interested in the results of that survey.

  2. tmso says:

    I love the ad. The Bible Guarantees It!

    That’s kind of like reading a used car sales ad… 😉

    I’d add this question: Do you want The End to come and why?

  3. rebekah says:

    Haha, I just blogged about this over at Canadian Atheist. Great minds think alike! (‘cept your picture is better than mine)

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