Does he feel guilty that God “saved” him but not his brother?

I found an article about a landslide in the Philippines. 21 people are still missing under the rubble but one of the gold miners they rescued has survived three of these things now. Who gets the credit for making that happen? You’ll only need one guess.

Soldiers, police and miners used shovels and their bare hands to dig out 11 survivors.

“Honestly, I believe it would be very hard to find survivors,” Uy said Saturday.

Regional civil defence officer Lisa Maso said, “Only a miracle can save them.”

Jay Celades was teary-eyed recalling his third time surviving a landslide.

The 26-year-old said he, his younger brother and two others banged on the steel rails for six hours inside a mine shaft, knowing they would eventually be heard by rescuers. By midday Friday, workers dug through about 20 feet (six meters) of debris that blocked the tunnel opening to free them.

If he knew rescuers would hear him hammering, does that make his rescue a “miracle” or just evidence that the skilled help didn’t waste much time?

“All we could do was hope, but I prayed and prayed hard to come out alive,” he told The Associated Press. “And for the third time, God heard me.”

He said another younger brother was killed when they were trapped in a mine shaft in 2009, and he was trapped again a year later.

Has he ever experienced something like survivor guilt after these things? Has he ever asked why God picked him to live over his brother? What kind of answer would he give to justify his belief that he’s somehow blessed? I think I find it hard to rationalize survival as akin to winning a somewhat sadistic lottery. Maybe random chance had a lot more to do with it. Or, maybe his past experiences gave him an edge in terms of how to react once he realized another landslide was imminent and simply did all the right things.

I don’t suppose they blame the landslide on God, though…

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