If the world doesn’t end in May or October, try November

According to Harold Camping and his ilk, Judgment Day hits on May 21st of this year with the big end of world finish a mere five months later. Camping’s loons faithful followers been touring Bermuda these days.

The religious fellowship from New York attracted lots of attention as they spent yesterday warning people to “beg for Mercy” before the destruction of the world.

They stood outside City Hall in bright yellow T-shirts emblazoned with slogans such as: “Judgement Day 5.21.11. The great day of the Lord is near.”

They handed out literature and CDs titled ‘We are almost there’ as they explained to passers-by they had quit their jobs to spend their final days with family and friends.

Fellowship members remain convinced that May 21 will be ‘judgement day’ or ‘the day of the Lord’s wrath’ when “being judged by God’s salvation comes to an end”.

They say this day marks the end of the 23-year period of great tribulation following the church age, which ran from May 22, A.D. 33 until 1988. They predict this will be the beginning of the end then the world will officially end on October 21, 2011.

There’s always a (big) chance they’re wrong about that but don’t start putting away your “The End is Nigh!” signs yet. A prophet in Ghana has predicted that all the elevens that happen in November this year is what will really pop the world’s population out of existence. He’s predicting a world-shattering earthquake.

Kumasi-based Prophet, Rev. Peter Anamo has predicted a catastrophe that will wipe out what he calls unrighteous people off the surface of the earth.

He said November 2011 will witness an earthquake on such a massive scale never seen before.

When this earthquake happens, which will be accompanied by a Tsunami, only the righteous will be saved, he told Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Tuesday.

The prophet has consequently counseled all citizens of the world to mend their ways and live righteous lives for that is the only way they can be saved from the ravages of the impending catastrophe. The disaster will produce a new generation of righteous people and all must endeavour to be part of this generation by living righteous lives now! He stated.

So scrap election prep, environmental issues, poverty problems. Just get yourselves on the right side of God before doom strikes.

Grounding his argument, Prophet Anamo cited Japan which was hit by a disastrous earthquake on March 11 and also on April 11, and that that was a prelim to what will happen to the world on 11 November (the 11th month of 2011).

“The whole mystery about the numbers is that in November we are going to have four elevens appearing and it coincides with what Jesus has said and the number 11 is an irrelevant number, a confused number, that is why catastrophes happen in 11,” he stated.

“We are going to prove mathematically and scientifically and wise men’s reports in the past [as well as] with the Bible…that what we are saying is true,” he emphasized.

With the same bad math Camping’s been using for years to shill his end of times prophecy, too.

Interesting to note about Anama, though: he’s prepared to be prosecuted if it turns out he’s a fraud. That’s something, at least. I wonder if Camping or his believers would willingly do the same.

edit Nov 7/2011: Camping has since apologized for his actions and retired.

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6 Responses to If the world doesn’t end in May or October, try November

  1. HurfBurf says:

    The world better not end on 11/11/11 that’s when The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim comes out!

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Nobody would get to watch the end of the Twilight Saga either. Wouldn’t that just suck…

  3. GABRIEL ANSAH says:


  4. 1minionsopinion says:

    But it becomes necessary to define “right” then and who’d have the right to do that?

  5. michael says:

    all of this crap is retarded if you ask me. Still, one could hope that the world will end soon huh? lol I certainly do hope something happens; if you look at the way the world is, it’s gone to complete shit. With possible government shutdowns, the irreversible damage we have caused the planet; the greed, and preference to material possessions rather than seeking spiritual evolution. I guess that is just my opinion though.

  6. 1minionsopinion says:

    World won’t end. Humanity might die out because of massive global catastrophe or all out war, but the world would continue spinning on its axis, uncaring about the lack of those once called homo sapiens…

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