Price of petrol panics pilgrims

Soaring gas prices have led to the cancellation of a Christian gathering that’s been a tradition since 1924, at least.

Even though they desperately want to believe Joseph of Aramethea, and his nephew Jesus, made the trip from Israel all the way to Glastonbury, those thousands of faithful Christians who swarm toward the town every year seem to be reluctant to hike a fraction of that distance and truly emulate those they claim to follow. From the Daily Mail:

organisers have been forced to ditch this year’s Glastonbury Anglican Annual Pilgrimage because of the financial strain it will place on its members.

Fuel costs have been blamed for much of the problem that was expected to see up to 2,000 Christians arrive to visit the town’s iconic tor and walk through its streets in June.

Association chairman, Rt Rev John Ford the Bishop of Plymouth, has now written to event hosts Glastonbury Abbey to inform them of the decision.

He said: ‘When the Pilgrimage Council met recently, it needed to consider the viability of this year’s pilgrimage in light of the association’s financial position.

At its heyday in the ’90s, upwards of 12,000 followers from around the world would take part in this. Weirdly,

opposition to the ordination of women in 2000 has led to a big drop in attendance in recent years.

Which just goes to show how patriarchal and backwards Christians can be, but whatever.

I hadn’t heard of this theory at all until a couple years ago when a documentary was made about Jesus and this supposed excursion to England. I’m fascinated by the lengths people go to in order to make Jesus seem so worldly and knowledgeable. Is there really any proof he ever left home or is this all just wishful thinking?

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