“all athiests will burn”

If they don’t wear sunscreen. Be careful in the sun this season, people.

The post title is a direct quote pulled from the list of search terms that led to my blog yesterday. What kind of site are they hoping to run across with a search like that? I expect the answer would be one that corroborates their skewed world view, thus “proving” it’s “right.” Sadly, it’s a theory nobody can prove or disprove with any great satisfaction. The popular mindset isn’t automatically the best mindset. Sometimes it’s just mob rule and the ones getting hated are probably the ones who have the most to say about why that needs to stop.

Speaking of, a lot of people might be wearing pink tomorrow and the reason why has a Canadian connection. At a high school in Nova Scotia in 2007, kids bullied another kid who wore a pink shirt to class. They picked on him about his fashion choices, insinuating that he was gay and therefore deserved the mockery. Gay or not, nobody deserves that and CBC reported on what some students did in retaliation:

Two Grade 12 students — David Shepherd and Travis Price — heard the news and decided to take action.

“I just figured enough was enough,” said Shepherd.

They went to a nearby discount store and bought 50 pink shirts, including tank tops, to wear to school the next day.

Then the two went online to e-mail classmates to get them on board with their anti-bullying cause that they dubbed a “sea of pink.”

But a tsunami of support poured in the next day.

Not only were dozens of students outfitted with the discount tees, but hundreds of students showed up wearing their own pink clothes, some head-to-toe.

When the bullied student, who has never been identified, walked into school to see his fellow students decked out in pink, some of his classmates said it was a powerful moment.

It’s great to see “strength in numbers” lead to positive changes. A lot of what’s in a bully’s arsenal is a learned behaviour or attitude and it can all be unlearned if the effort’s put in to do it.

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  1. tmso says:

    Power to the pinks! Thanks for posting. Didn’t know about that.

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