Indianapolis church can’t leave CFI ads alone

The Center for Inquiry has paid for billboards in the city that read “You don’t need God to hope, to care, to love, to live.” The Church of ACTS couldn’t leave that truth stand unchallenged so they’ve dug deep into their (parishioners’) pockets for their own $3000 billboard of protest.

Holly Renforth, an assistant for Church of ACTS pastor Bill Jenkins, says the church has rented a billboard structure along I65 just north of Southport Road. Renforth says their goal is to “battle the atheists billboards” with a Christian message. Their billboards include the message “You Need Me. (Signed) God”.

They hope to erect three more of these in town at some point.

CFI hung the same billboards in Houston and Washington D.C.; they’re getting criticism in those cities, too.

From a Houston article:

“We’re not trying to get other people to give up their religion. We’re just saying that there’s a misunderstanding that some people think if you’re not religious, you can’t even be a good person,” the center’s Indiana director, Reba Boyd Wooden, told WTHR-TV.

Edward Wheeler, president of Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, said he disagreed with the message but that people who believe in God should accept others’ opinions.

“Part of what allows us to get our message across is the freedom to allow other people to have their messages across,” Wheeler told WRTV-TV.

At New Harmony General Baptist Church on Indianapolis’ south side, not far from one of the billboard sites, Courine Lyles said she disagreed that a person could live a fulfilling life without God.

I think it’s so ridiculous that CFI and other similar groups have to spend money on billboards to tell people something that should obvious. “Fire is Hot!” “Water is Wet!” “People can be Good without God!” It should be an undeniable truth yet here these religious people getting quoted, disagreeing and doubting it’s possible. So I guess for the foreseeable future money will still have to be spent on these billboards. I just wish there was more evidence that they worked somehow.

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2 Responses to Indianapolis church can’t leave CFI ads alone

  1. Keri says:

    I like the idea of the billboards, but I kinda wonder what kind of effect they really have on people. I wish there was some kind of survey/study done in the area after they’d been up for a while. Do you think something like that would work?

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    That’s my thinking, too. When people see them I think they nod if they agree or snort with derision if they disagree and then move on. I doubt they’re causing sidewalk epiphanies but I’d be curious to see how many curious people in those areas actually contact CFI for more information at least. Maybe a survey of neighbourhoods around those billboards could uncover that kind of thing.

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