Blasphemy should be the least of their worries

The National Police Commissioner for South Africa recently compared his force to Jesus and his disciples, and not in a good way. This has sparked a blasphemy concern for the Christian Democratic Party and its leader Theunis Botha. They’re the opposition for the African National Congress party and Jacob Zuma who won the election in 2009. Botha got interviewed for this piece.

He said it was clear that President Jacob Zuma and his cronies were not getting the message that Christians took offence to comments using the Christian faith in statements about the ANC and other government institutions.

“The latest remarks from General Bheki Cele comparing the [SA Police Service] with Jesus and His disciples sends out the message of someone who is set on offending Christians,” he said.

Cele was quoted in Beeld saying: “Jesus Christ had an organisation of 12 people… among those 12 there was a criminal who sat with Jesus every day.”

He was speaking at a ceremony for the handing over of police cars in Pretoria on Friday.

“Even when Jesus berated him [Judas], he denied that it was him who was a criminal.

“In the Garden of Eden, there were two people. God himself did an inspection every morning. One day, He could not find them. They were hiding, because they had committed a crime,” he said.

“If you will find criminals amongst two people, then you will find criminals in an organisation with 193,000 members,” Cele said.

I don’t think comparing himself to God is the real problem here.

Remember when the Pope forgave the Beatles for comparing themselves to Jesus? Wasn’t that a nice distraction after all those accusations of pedophilia that the Holy See has hidden under the rugs? Have they shaken the rugs out yet and cleaned house? I see today that the Vatican is claiming celibacy is not the problem, homosexual priests are. Let’s take that as a “No” then, shall we?

Cele isn’t apologizing for the fact that police are committing crime, nor is he promising to make changes.

Beeld reported that in the past seven months, 254 police in Gauteng have been arrested for alleged involvement in robberies and corruption.

Crime Intelligence boss Richard Mdluli and some of his colleagues were arrested last week for their alleged involvement in a murder committed in the late 1990s.

He’s aware of a problem in his country’s police force but what will he do about it? Is there anything he can do about it? These Jesus lovers need to care less about feeling insulted over His ability to pick friends and care more about the corruption levels. That really is more important.

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