It’s a good thing the lead Jesus books were discovered before April Fools Day

It’s been announced that 70 little lead books were discovered in Jordan a few years ago, found in a cave by a Bedouin. The area, the Daily Mail reports, was a popular stop for Christians on the run around 70AD so it’s at least possible someone left them there for a reason.

The Christian Science Monitor explains to its readers (thank you) how the books were “sealed” from easy reading through the use of secret codes. The Mail reports that some are jumping to the conclusion now that this set of codices may be the very ones mentioned in Revelation as the ones only the Messiah can read.

Already there are divisions about authenticity, not just of the books (CS Monitor has more about that), but of the story of where they’re from. Via the Montreal Gazette I learn that the archeologist team taking credit for this find is telling the Bedouin story and the guy hanging onto the books for dear life is saying they’ve been in his family for generations. Either way, the Jordanian government wants the books returned to their country. Right now they’re believing the Elkingtons over Hassan Saeda, the Bedouin farmer currently in possession of them.

I predict scandals, lawsuits and headaches over this whole discovery. It’ll be interesting to see what else comes of this.

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