Holey Swiss Cheese, a Jesus pizza!

This slice of hot bubbly goodness from Brisbane, Australia could also be a cheesy John Lennon but people were more likely to bid on a three cheese Jesus so that’s what the owner of Posh Pizza told bidders it is.

The shop, in the city’s Fortitude Valley, has put the slice on eBay, and as of this morning bidding was up to $65.

All proceeds raised will go to a charity to be decided once the pizza is auctioned.

Posh Pizza’s Maree Phelan said her pizza oven was seemingly blessed with the presence of Jesus Christ, who chose a three cheese pizza as his medium.

Phelan isn’t convinced it’s the son of God, but she’s certain it got there on its own.

“I can definitely say this isn’t a fake,” she said.

Apparently her Cheesus has already stopped her from getting a parking ticket, that’s how she knows. One would hope she was joking, but the Herald Sun still went to check on the nature of miracles and quotes somebody official.

Australian Catholic University associate professor and director of the Institute for Catholic Identity and Mission, Patrick McArdle, said the pizza was “almost definitely not a miracle” and would be hard to prove.

”There are a lot of misunderstandings in the making of saints and miracles,” he said.

He said generally only “medical miracles”, such as healings, were accepted by the Catholic Church because those incidents could be tested using scientific means.

“We often rely on medical miracles because there is scientific proof it can’t be explained by conventional science, that’s where the validity comes from,” he said.

“You have to understand we can’t apply that kind of rigour to a piece of cheese,” he said.

And you can’t really prove it tastes heavenly if you’re scared of offending Him by eating it.

The winning bid was $153 and they’re taking suggestions at Facebook for what charity to spend the money on.

edit March 31/10: The winning charity was Mummy’s Wish Inc, a “a not-for-profit charity focusing on supporting mothers diagnosed with cancer while either pregnant or with young children in South East Queensland.” Posh Pizza matched the bid, giving the group $306.

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4 Responses to Holey Swiss Cheese, a Jesus pizza!

  1. Dr. Jim says:

    It’s Jim Morrison!

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    I’m not a big enough Doors fan. That never would have occurred to me.

  3. TheCBomber says:

    Lord Chesus has been bought by music video website Music Vid Kid, and the editor is re-naming it ‘The Hairy Hipster:

  4. 1minionsopinion says:

    Sweet. Thanks for the update about where the pizza wound up. I neglected to check that out.

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