Insanity plea or real belief in the devil to blame?

Dora Alicia Tejada Pleitez of Nantucket stuffed her fist down the throat of her child and thought the devil was the one that bit her back. In district court, she claimed she thought she had a rose in her hand at the time. She was supposed to jam it down her daughter’s throat as part of the exorcism. God assured her that would work. With or without the rose, the end result is the same here: child abuse, torture, death.

Tejada Pleitez was held without bail pending a competency hearing after pleading not guilty Tuesday.

Police say emergency personnel responded to the family home Monday after getting a 911 call reporting that the little girl had stopped breathing. The child, Nicole Garcia, was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Tejada Pleitez’s lawyer says her mental state will play a “critical role” in the case.

She’s either nuts by chemical imbalance, or nuts by religious upbringing (enhanced with chemical imbalance). I don’t know if a person can come to the conclusion an exorcism is necessary if he or she hasn’t been taught at some point that demons exist. Either way, her daughter is dead and it’s hard to tell by this story if she feels any remorse over that fact. Her daughter was three years old.

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