“Be careful who you agree with”

Especially when it’s an author pushing her religious beliefs through what sounds like a positive thinking manual.

Alice Maryniuk is the author of Thinking for a Change: Transforming Your Life by Transforming Your Thoughts I suspect for Maryniuk, the change probably requires believing in God and thinking like Jesus. You don’t get that sense from Amazon’s product information, though, and there are no reviews listed.

Learn how to transform your life by transforming your thoughts. Are you tired of struggling with the same tormenting problem? Is your mind cluttered with confusion, business and over-load? Do people and circumstances control you? Is your life out of balance and you don?t know where to start? If so, then this book is for you. Discover how to: • Master proven strategies • Turn obstacles into stepping stones • Gain practical techniques • Achieve targeted breakthroughs • Identify individual values • Attract a dynamic destiny • Strengthen personal relationships • Confront negative thinking • Build sound health • Create positive change • Increase courage to take risks • Gain new confidence • Implement sound principles • Focus on strategic goals

Maybe I’m wrong to assume it’s overtly religious in tone without reading it myself but she has an article in the Abbotsford Times that’s jam packed with Bible business so I think it’s fair to think her book would be, too. Jesus cursing the fig tree, Jabez cursed at birth to be a “sorrow maker” later blessed by God to be otherwise, Jesus blessing bread and fish, etc.

Choose to use your tongue to bring life and not death, to bless and not to curse. Learn the art of blessing, for in blessing a thing or a person, that thing or person must bless you. When you bless, blessings will be drawn to you in return.

She describes the reason to bless: “to invoke divine favour on, to bestow happiness, prosperity, success and good things of all kinds.” You could also just say, if you’re nice to people, people will probably be nice back. No guarantees, of course. Some people seem to be jerks no matter how nice you try to be.

Blessings release a special future for someone; releasing destiny, esteem, giving honor and value, declaring life and imparting hope.

In the bible, maybe. Where’s the proof in real life that this is true? It’s all internalized and subjective. It’s also vaguely Secret-like, believe the right thing and God/The Universe will reward you for it.

Whatever you allow in the earthly realm, heaven allows, and whatever you say no to in Jesus’s name, heaven will back you up by binding it.

Interesting premise. Is this how apologists get around all the horrible things men of god do? Do what you want and heaven will give you a pass? If you ever get to something you won’t do, God’s got your back, too? I can think of a couple flaws with that style of reasoning.

One’s a recent story of an eleven year old girl getting gang raped. A lot of people are trying to make the claim she asked for it by dressing provocatively and acting a lot older than she was. So heaven would allow the rape of this child because the men and boys involved allowed it to happen and the young girl supposedly did, too?

How about religious parents who won’t give their children the medical care they need because it goes against their beliefs? God backs up their decisions therefore they’re the right ones? It doesn’t seem possible that such a thing could be true. In Oregon prosecutors and lawmakers have recently endorsed a bill “that would remove special legal protection for parents who treat seriously ill children with faith healing instead of providing medical treatment.” There’s a church in that state with a history of letting kids die instead of getting them treatment. That’s an appalling idea in this day and age. How did any group of believers come to think like that?

Understand that your words have power, and use them for good not for evil. Be careful who you agree with. Make inquiries concerning the plans God has for you. Discover His will as He speaks to your heart and mind, and then decree His will in the earthly realm through daily declarations. God’s desire is to bless you, your family, your work and all your activities. Start today by speaking blessings and releasing them into your life and the lives of others.

I get the need to be conscious of what we say. Oh, how I know. Lesson learned, that’s for damn sure. Don’t belittle someone else’s idea of a grand gathering by calling it a coffee party. Be careful how you admit skepticism of an idea when describing reasons why you question it. Avoid the urge to respond without thinking things through carefully. Everything is open to interpretation, usually in a way you might not have anticipated or intended. Especially when the delivery method is a blog open to everyone and their cybernetically enhanced canines.

The god stuff could be done without, though, and is done without by many people who still manage to be kind and decent to other human beings. There doesn’t need to be a divine plan guiding anything we do or say. All we really should do is choose to do and say things that hopefully won’t hurt feelings, undermine dreams or aspirations, or ruin our reputations.

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