What we have here, God, is a failure to communicate

I see Glenn Beck’s claiming God might be trying to send us a message using earthquakes instead of something a little less death-inducing like Twitter.

As survivors of Friday’s devastating Japan earthquake try to pick up the pieces of their lives, one Fox television host offered a reason for the disaster.

Speaking on his show today Glenn Beck went off on a bizarre tangent saying the massive 9.0 magnitude quake that has so far killed 1,900 people, might be a ‘message’ from God.

‘We can’t see the connections here,’ he said. ‘I’m not saying God is causing earthquakes – well I’m not not saying that either!

‘What God does is God’s business. But I’ll tell you this…there’s a message being sent.

‘And that is, “Hey you know that stuff we’re doing? Not really working out real well. Maybe we should stop doing some of it.” I’m just saying.’

The article goes on to quote a few other known names and stupid things they’ve said or tweeted about the earthquake and resulting tsunami, but I’ll just stick to the Beck one. The others were just examples of people who don’t think before they speak. Maybe Beck falls into that category, but maybe not.

It’s evident he believes natural disasters are a sign that human beings are sinners to the Nth degree and that God’s angry enough about that to shake the shit out of our planet rather than just deal with each sinner personally. I don’t get that mentality. Why would I make a connection that an earthquake There is punishment for me being a sinner Here? Sorry they’re dead, but I don’t know those people. What difference will it make to me to have them not in the world anymore? It’d be a far better message if the ground had opened up under me, personally, and affected no one else. (Assuming I remained alive long enough to jump to that conclusion.) But that kind of thing rarely happens.

I wonder about the timing of this so-called message, too. Why are so many quakes happening at the beginning of the year, because nobody’s keeping up on their resolutions? New Zealand had a big one on February 22nd, and a 5.8 magnitude quake toppled buildings in a Chinese province on March 10th. Last March I wrote about a cluster of them, too:

It does not seem typical to see so many earthquake stories lumped together. Haiti’s 7.0 magnitude, Chile’s 8.8 devastation, Quebec’s little 3.9 rumbler, and now Taiwan has had a 6.4 magnitude quake. It would be easy to assume God’s giving us a kick around for some reason but that’s just stupid. It doesn’t stop people from wanting to tell people that’s the reason, though. I wonder if Pat Robinson learned anything from his inane remarks back in January.

Robertson was of the opinion that Haitians had put their trust in the Devil at some point and that’s why they got hit so hard by their quake. They weren’t praying to God enough.

Comments like these are why atheists tend to think religion keeps people stupid.

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