I’m focusing on my oath project today

Turns out I’m presenting a week earlier than I originally thought.

Good thing I swore an oath not to procrastinate on it… Kidding. I didn’t swear an oath; I just promised myself that today would be the day I buckled down and figured out exactly what I should say and what I should print for hand outs. It’s an informal thing and I shouldn’t be stressed over it, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in front of a room full people for speech purposes. I don’t want to stand up there and feel unprepared.

edit 7:34: so far so good. Was looking up curses, as those who would swear oaths to gods had to be concerned about what would happen if they broke one. This is totally unrelated, but I ran across the Biblical Curse Generator just now.

Lost for a smart remark to see off your enemies? Unable to deliver that killer insult? Put an end to unscriptural restraint with the amazing Biblical Curse Generator, which is pre-loaded with blistering smackdowns as delivered by Elijah, Jeremiah and other monumentally angry saints. Simply click the button below, and smite your foes with a custom-made curse straight out of the Old Testament!

“I pray thou shalt go about weeping and wailing in sackcloth and ashes, thou son of a Philistine!”

“Harken, O thou who art a byword for idiocy, for you will be kicked by an incontinent camel!”

“Woe unto thee, O ye discourager of the brethren, for you will beget difficult teenagers!”

Well, maybe not verbatim quotes, but entertaining nonetheless.

9:22 – still okay but going through my history looking for a link I didn’t bookmark. Pain in the ass.

14:00 — pretty much got it written out as I’d like to present it. Probably ought to email a copy to the leader of our group so she can skim it and then later this week we’ll have to talk about whether it’ll suffice or if it needs altering in any major ways. Hopefully not, but so long as any criticism is aimed at making it better, I’ll take it.

15:25 final first draft adjustments are done and a copy’s been emailed for approval. Finally! This really put me in mind of my papers in university. At least this was only 5 pages of writing, not 25… The internet really does make research a lot easier, but I can see why people get concerned over plagiarism and quality of search content. I was careful to use real news sites and provide links and printouts of everything I was quoting.

It was also tempting to stop for a while and play Sushi Cat 2 but I was strong and resisted the urge. There’s nothing stopping me from playing now though…

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