Bless this pizza, Mary, Jesus…

You can’t set your watch by them, but stories about seeing religious figures in ordinary things is such a regular occurrence in the field of journalism, I guess they can’t not report on them.

Josh Mather, of Mansfield, couldn’t believe his eyes.

Me neither. Looking at the image provided with the article, it’s clear he’s completely mistaken and this is a sign that George Lucas really wants us to believe in Jawas. What kind of religion did they have? Sign me up! May the force…

Mather is pre-socialized to see religious iconography instead of homages to film, I guess. I saw Gandalf giving the ring to Frodo on a slice of French Toast once, too. I took a picture of it and then I ate it.

Anyway, back to what passes for news in this world:

He closed his bar in Plainville and was sifting through his equipment when he made this discovery. He says he found an image of Jesus and Mary on a diffuser for the pizza oven.

I’m surprised they didn’t throw the name of his bar in here as well. Unless Plainville is so small he has the only one in town?

Josh has walked by that oven for years and says he just happened to notice the image today: Ash Wednesday.

Josh says believe it or not the counter of his bar was actually made out of church pews and today is the first time he’s been to church in 20 years.

Yes, sure. Is he trying to imply that remains of church pews would make the place holy enough for the finger of God to come down personally to trace some imagery in a grease stain? Just noticed this.. in time to make headlines on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Mentioning it on Fat Tuesday just wouldn’t have had the same effect, eh?

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