Would anyone give up the bible for Lent?

Not in Cambridge, Ontario. This year to celebrate those wonderful forty days of sacrifice, churches there will read the bible cover to cover. Sounds like they’ve chosen to sacrifice their sanity, but whatever. They’ll have to supply Red Bull when they get to Numbers, I’m sure. Maybe they’ll cheat and only read the New Testament, proverbs and psalms…

Fred Faber, co-ordinator of this project with Avenue Road Baptist Church as the host church, plans to have various city churches participate in the reading of the Christian scriptures aloud.

He said the event would last for several days beginning about April 6 with each reading taking 12 hours at a time.

Faber leads a men’s group called Co-Pilots, a division of the Life Group at Avenue Baptist Church. He was involved with the reading of the entire Bible by several local churches about a decade ago.

The Bible and its distribution through public schools has led to controversy at the school board and in the media over the past few months. Faber feels that by this citywide participation in reading of the complete Bible, it will illustrate the Christian’s belief in the Word of God.

Illustrate belief, sure. Go nuts. I don’t know why they’d think they have to, but they can if they want. What they shouldn’t be doing is making a case that everyone, regardless of religion, should have to have bibles.

The Gideons have been allowed to pass bibles out at schools across Canada, apparently, but the practice caused a few waves in Kitchener recently. Yet the board claims they aren’t supporting proselytizing. Allowing these bibles to be handed out to any kid with parental permission merely provides those kids with extra-curricular information that could be useful in the future.

“A public school needs to educate the whole child … It seems to me if we want to see students survive in life and make the correct decisions they have to have some knowledge of religious feeling,” said Colin Harrington, a trustee who voted in favour of Bibles being handed out.

Sounds like a question of semantics, if you ask me, since he supports the assumption that the only way these kids can grow up to be good is by following the good book. What a crock.

Well anyway, hope the bible readers in Cambridge have stocked up on Ricola…

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