How can people still believe in demon possession?

The article doesn’t include any useful geographic information so I don’t really know where this family lives but here’s the story as provided by Charisma News Online:

Jyotirdhar Patil did not know what to do. A demon had possessed his wife and caused her to go hysterical, creating problems for her family. Although Jyotirdhar tried almost everything to get the demon to leave, including consulting witchdoctors and mediums, nothing worked.

Jyotirdhar began going to prayer meetings at a local fellowship. He still did not know Jesus, however, and his wife remained demon possessed.

At the prayer meetings, he met Pathik, a believer who belonged to a church led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Mihir Gavde. Pathik invited Jyotirdhar to his fellowship. At first Jyotirdhar was hesitant to visit a new church, but the Spirit compelled him to go.

Pastor Mahir got wind of the wife’s issues, got invited to Jyotirdhar’s home and prayed for the woman who then had a sudden recovery as “the demon immediately left her!” Hysteria gone, she got back to doing the housework like a good wife, apparently, and this resulted in the pair of them devoting themselves to Mahir’s church, wherever it is, and his religion.

This mission stuff gets pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Why encourage people to trade in one set of goofy superstitions for different set of superstitions? Because mission-sponsored superstitions are more socially approved and progressive? They still believe a devil has power over people. How can that possibly be an improvement over whatever the people in these countries believe now? It’d be different if the main aim was food or better education for better employment opportunities but do they really need a new religion? How does that help them, really?

Gospel for Asia does do good deeds, I won’t deny that. They drilled wells in Pakistan after the recent flooding there, but they weren’t just wells: they were Jesus wells! They can’t just do it because they have the resources to help. They have to do it to save the souls that might be facing hell for believing in the wrong god when they die of thirst or cholera.

It comes down to the motivations behind this stuff, I guess. Are these volunteers going over there because they genuinely care about people, or merely because they believe their god expects them to and they want to stay on his good side? Yes, they’re helping in areas that are in dire need of aid but they aren’t in dire need of new belief systems yet that’s the main reason these groups go to these places.

The primary aim of Gospel for Asia’s ministry is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who have never before heard His name.

they announce on their “About us” page. Any good deeds that happen in the process of bringing souls to Right Side are simply a bonus.

the harsh reality is that 2.7 billion people of our generation are still unreached with the Gospel. What answers are we prepared to give to the living God when He asks about the blood of these multitudes on our hands?

They give aid via guilt trips not because they genuinely want to improve living conditions on the other side of the world.

Today, we have the great privilege of helping them come to know Jesus. If we will commit to live for what is eternal, this generation can be reached with the Gospel.

They want to harvest souls for Jesus. That’s all they’ve really set out to do here. Doesn’t that just creep you out to your nethers? In the supposed battle of good versus evil, the side with the most souls wins. That’s what they care about. Not the people, just the score.

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2 Responses to How can people still believe in demon possession?

  1. mark says:

    hi. i like the way you look at things and you certainly seem to be a very compassionate person. i am a christian and i believe in life after death. i believe that by choosing christ i will spend eternity in paradise rather than hells fire. evangelists seek to deliver people/souls from eternal suffering by preaching the good news. the bible says in romans 8:18 that the sufferings of this world cannot be compared to the glory of God that will be revealed in the next. its not that the missionaries dont care about the serious problems people have but rather their belief that the true God is himself able to provide for their every need once they choose to get to know Him. i pray your eyes and heart are opened to this truth..

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    I think Romans 8:18 is bad advice. Ambition should be put into improving conditions on this earth. Give aid to those who need it, help and care for those who can’t, feed those going without and stop telling all of them that the suffering is somehow worth it because it’ll make heaven look even better when they die.

    Getting to know Jesus isn’t going to magically heal them, feed them, house them, train them or pay them. It’s up to people to do that.

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