“11-meter Monument to Jesus Christ to Appear in Siberia”

The headline of this article makes it sound like it’s just going to pop up like a mushroom and suddenly be in Prokopievsk, the Siberian town that’s celebrating its 80th anniversary. It’s actually a sculpture designed by Konstantin Zinich and isn’t the only statue coming to them. They’ll also get Adam, Eve, and Alexander Pushkin. But Jesus is the one making the news, of course:

It will be established on the highest point in the town and surrounded with a garden. The monument will be 11 meters high: six-meter Jesus will stand on a five-meter pedestal with inscriptions of all the Ten Commandments. The monument will be highlighted in a special way: beams of light will shine from below upwards illuminating its enormous height.

Sounds supremely tacky, if you ask me, but whatever. It’s their money, and a boon for their town besides. Parks in Siberia, and Russia in general, have never been a big design point for the cities there but that’s starting to change. Zinich’s work features at a 400th anniversary park in Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Siberia. The “Siberian Rivers” cascade fountain looks pretty cool, actually, so those in Prokopievsk are probably going to appreciate the town’s new look.

Too bad he takes a religious route with his work, but I guess he’ll make what sells, right? Isn’t that why we have so much religiously inspired art already?

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