Creation Museum “date night” is public relations nightmare

Seems like it should be anyway. A recent attempt by the Kentucky museum to encourage ticket sales resulted in security denying two men entry on its Valentine’s date night and wouldn’t refund the tickets, either.

Mark Looy, chief communications officer for the Creation Museum, said it was clear from the promotional material that the event was for heterosexual couples only.

“The message was one of Christian marriage, which the Bible teaches is between a man and a woman,” Looy said.

Meador admitted that Sonka had posted a blog entry in January saying that it was the patriotic duty of his readers to send a flamboyantly gay couple to the event.

Looy said that message suggests the group was looking to provoke an incident.

Jonathan Meador, a writer for the Louisville-based LEO Weekly alternative newspaper, and his female guest were allowed to enter.

The article doesn’t make it clear how Looy knew about Joe Sonka’s website and the “flamboyant” blog entry that Looy seems to be using as reason enough to keep him and his male friend out.

I wonder, though, if they can ban two guys from being in the place together for this kind of event, are they in the habit of grilling groups of men or women to see if any homosexuals are ticket holders in the hope of keeping them out of the place all the time? Can’t have good proper Christian couples rubbing up against teh gays. Might be contageous…kids might think it’s okay and hip and cool or something and want to try it on like a coat when they get home…

“We are not going to allow anyone to come to a private event and be disruptive,” Looy said. “It’s not fair to the other people who also paid to attend the event. We welcome anyone to come to the Creation Museum during regular business hours because we want all people to be exposed to our message.”

Meador denied that the group was looking for a confrontation, claiming they attended the event out of curiosity.

“It is telling, however, that they equate gayness and flamboyance with disruption,” Meador said.

Meador said to his knowledge neither Sonka nor his male guest are gay.

I guess they have the right to let in whoever they want and ban whoever they want but you’d think they ought to have a real reason instead of an fear-driven-might-never-happen-anyway reason. Sonka was declared guilty of disruption and all he physically did was order tickets and wait in line.

If this is the way they’re going to behave, that seems like message enough to me. Don’t support them in any way, no matter how much you might want to ride their dinosaur. Don’t encourage them. They ignore known earth history and perpetuate false ideas about how everything and everyone came to be here. Don’t help them do that. Don’t give them any more money.

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