To Dial-Up Land I go again

To Dial-Up Land I go again
To family not seen.
As usual my posts shall be, then,
Few and far between.

Still, I’ll write a little when
there is time or inclination.
Only one or up to ten —
depends upon determination.

Things going on at the home front– a family birthday party and a pie sale fundraiser for Telemiracle.

It’s not so much a miracle as it is a test of perseverance and stamina and generosity. It’s put on every year in Saskatchewan by the Kinsmen and Kinettes. The money they raise goes toward people in the province that need medical assistance, from operations to equipment. It’s running at TCU Place in Saskatoon this year, March 5th and 6th. I’ve never attended the thing but I’ve watched it on television. Dial-Up Land is also known for its Farmer Vision: the 2 TV channels that would each run all 36 hours of the Telemiracle broadcast when I was younger. I admit with little guilt how glad I was the year we finally got a VCR…

Anyway, Bob McGrath, much beloved from his Sesame Street history, has been a staple of the thing for years. They get other known entertainers and fill the rest of the time with local acts and requests to “Ring Those Phones!” so they can take the donations “Higher!” As annoying as that chorus gets, it still works; since its inception 35 years ago, Telemiracle has raised over 88 million dollars.

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