Just how much is “some” of 1.4 million dollars?

I know NASCAR is heavily Christian-oriented so it’s not overly surprising to learn that this year’s winner of the Daytona 500, Trevor Bayne, praised Jesus for the win. He came away with $1.4 million and no doubt offers to throw his “youngest winner ever!” face on some cereal boxes, if he’s not on them already.

The Rev. Lonnie Clouse, a former NASCAR chaplain, says Bayne was a regular at his Bible studies and chapel services. Clouse now works at Back2Back orphanages in Monterrey, Mexico, where Bayne volunteered for several days in December.

Clouse says Bayne called him after winning the race, and they prayed together and agreed that God had given Bayne a platform to proclaim his faith and speak up for orphans in need.

I can’t help but wonder about the sum of the some that will be given to Back2Back Ministries. How much of whatever dollar value it is will wind up helping the orphans and how much will be used to advertise the fact that a NASCAR winner gave them money therefore you should, too?

Cynical much? A little too much, maybe. But publicity is publicity and maybe Back2Back was in dire need of some? I doubt Bayne would say he’s being used here, but isn’t he? He phoned them so it’s his choice, I guess, and a noble one, if he really is doing it for the kids rather than the resulting mental image of him being a saviour for children in need. I’d have more respect for him and his wish to help had it not been so obvious and advertised, is all. But then how would anyone know, right? Heaven forbid he be a generous and anonymous donor. He just won the Daytona 500! NASCAR’s goodness needs a bit of publicity too, no doubt…

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