God loves poetry? No wonder people keep looking for what rhymes with Jesus

Via Melvillehouse Publishing I learn of a group trying to bring good out of the vitriol spewed by Westboro Baptist Church.

Using the press releases published by the WBC, the poets erase the words they don’t want and what’s left is usually a thought-provoking message. The medium itself has been used before, and the project takes its inspiration from Austin Kleon’s ‘Newspaper Blackout‘, and it’s refreshing to see the focus of so much hatred turned into something else with a little creativity.

Kevin and Andres, the founders of God Loves Poetry, started the project last year with an aim to demonstrate that,

“everyone has the ability to manipulate negativity by using just a little bit of creativity. Art, humor and love are three of the most powerful tools used to combat hate.”

Potential contributors can choose from some of the pre-selected press releases on the website, or search for their own to transform into a poem for submission to the website.

God Loves Poetry has some neat ones on there and I think it’s a cool idea. Some of them are very pro-God but others are good reminders for everyone, regardless of belief system.

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