Canadian author writes book on Jesus curing teh gay

Fictional, but still annoying to discover.

Controversial ‘Where Is Your Brother?’ tells the tale of a man who leaves his wife and kids for a male partner – only to have a religous revelation and reject homosexuality.

The book, written by a Canadian author, is now due to hit shelves across the UK after a Christian literary firm decided to publish it and promote its message.

Its members have caused a stir by claiming the book can help ”cure” teenagers who have been ”misled” into homosexuality.

Eileen Mohr, 79, who runs Crossbridge Books, said: ”We wanted this to be a more high profile launch than we usually have because of the nature of the story.

”We are expecting it to be controversial because of its claim that Jesus can cure homosexuals and we are ready for the controversy.

Her concern, apparently, is that the media has been in the habit of making gayness far too cool so all the kids are doing it when they shouldn’t, as if it’s a choice like smoking or oral sex or drugs and alcohol and that’s what prompted the push of this book by Mohr and her publishing house.

”We are not belittling them – it is just showing that Jesus can help whatever their problems.

”A lot of people have been led astray and the present attitude is almost claiming that it is normal.

”Some seem to be born that way, but a lot of psychiatrists say it is a result of our environment.

”I know Jesus can heal them.”

No public library in Saskatchewan has the book on order yet, but I suppose it’s only a matter of time before someone wants this thing. It comes out in March.

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