I feel like I’m picking on Ghana but “I have Satanic Powers”…

is just the kind of headline designed to pique my interest. It involves a custody dispute.

A man of God, Prophet Eric Amponsah, leader of Hope Generation Ministry, has started fighting his wife again and reportedly threatened to use satanic powers to mess up her life.

Prophet Amponsah aka Computer-Man, and his wife Silvia, are at each other’s throat over which of them has the right to take custody of their three-year-old son.

The struggle between the pastor and his wife has taken a rather strange twist after she recently accused him of beating her up and further plotting to take her life.

Silvia has told NEWS-ONE that Computer-Man tormented her life anytime she requested money to take care of their son. She showed the paper several text messages the Pastor had sent to her phone, in which he repeated the threats.

‘As for you, you call me Satan and I will make sure that I do the satanic things in your life till the end of my life.

They list quite a few of them. The divorce was her idea and Computer-Man claims she has been too greedy when it comes to compensation and alimony. He also claims she started it with a text of her own and thus his weird retaliation is getting taken out of context, apparently.

It certainly sounds like she has grounds to divorce him, though. I’ll quote another text message:

‘I hope you saw what later happened to Julie. She was fooling like this and later on ended up at the Police Headquarters. Whosoever challenges me always goes to cells. So get ready for that.

The Julie mentioned here is his second wife who reportedly was touched more than once by Jesus One Touch (he’s in jail now, for another reason). I don’t know if this means Computer-Man is married to two women right now, or if Sylvia is his third wife. I suppose it doesn’t really matter to the context of the story; a threat is a threat. Cross me and you’ll be sorry.

There’s no way to tell if Sylvia believes all the Satan talk, but I know if I were her I’d be worried about what kind of tactics he’d be willing to try to get back at her. She states at the end of the article that she’d gotten pregnant by him before they were married and he’d started acting weird around that time. She also says that had she been able to keep the pregnancy secret longer, she would have aborted it. It seems clear that she thinks marrying him was a mistake she could have avoided.

‘Even when I gave birth, he said there was no money for the engagement and naming ceremony. All he brought was the boy’s name and a few drinks. My family sponsored the rest just so we would not be embarrassed,’ Sylvia noted.

Hopefully the courts will side with her on this and give this dude the boot.

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  1. They should both get the boot;
    in my opinion, they’re straight
    out of Jerry Springer land.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    By “they” I’m assuming you mean Computer-Man and Jesus One Touch?

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