It’s no Jesus in the clouds, but…

A 56 year old man dying of liver cancer claims he snapped a shot of God in the sky over his home in Picton, New Zealand recently. Terry Bowen describes the feeling:

Mr Bowen, who is suffering from terminal liver cancer, said when he saw the image in the cloud he felt a sense of hope – not just for himself but for other people.

“I always see these things drawing me out of the house, and they’re there to pick me up,” he said.

“I feel as if someone or something is looking over me and that there’s a reason why I’m still here. When I look at things like this it adds to my positive outlook.

“On Facebook a lot of people I’ve spoken to who are in a similar position to me say pictures like this really help them.” Picton Uniting Church pastor Geraldine Clarkson described the picture as “uplifting and inspirational”.

I just wonder what part of God he thought he caught on camera. Does he think it’s a guy in a dress with an arm pointing down (which I can see if I squint a bit) or something else?

This is why people still perform Rorschach tests, yes? A picture might be worth a thousand words but most of those words will be used to describe you…

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