Saskatoon events planned for Darwin Day (today!!1)

I was emailed some information about today’s schedule so I’ll pass the info on to readers who want to do something cool and science-filled today to celebrate Charles Darwin and his contributions to the world. Treat this like a come and go if you want. If you only have time for the movie, or a speaker or some cake, it’s totally cool. Just come on by, bring the kiddies, and spend some time with us today!

Saturday, February 12 · 1:00pm – 5:30pm

Centennial Collegiate
160 Nelson Rd
Saskatoon, SK

In the Theatre:

1:00 pm Introduction & Film (part) What Darwin Never Knew
2:30 pm Birthday Cake & Coffee; Displays and Activities
3:00 pm Prof. Larry Stewart, U of S Department of History
4:15 pm Prof. Angela Lieverse, U of S Department of Archaeology & Anthropology
5:30 pm Pub Discussion (anyone interested can join us for further discussion & cheer at the SaskTel Sports Centre Pleasureway pub — venue may change if a lot of people show interest.)

Band Room:

1:30-4:00 Family Activities
(Guardians required)

Centre for Inquiry Saskatchewan
Saskatoon Skeptics
Saskatoon Secular Family Network


Enter Main SaskTel Sports Centre doors, turn left, and go down the hall

** This is a free public event but if the urge hits to donate, we’ll thank you for your generosity!

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2 Responses to Saskatoon events planned for Darwin Day (today!!1)

  1. tmso says:

    Coolness. Can’t top what I did last year for it, though. We were in NZed and I got to “walk in his footsteps” where he had visited! We kayaked around and had a great time. Here’s an old post:

    Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Sure, 1-up me. 😉 I bet that was a fine time, though..

    Larry Stewart discussed the after-effects of Darwin’s book, his reluctance to get involved with the debates about human evolution (leaving things up to his bulldog, Thomas Huxley), to finally giving in and writing more about human origins and our likeness to animals based on emotional expression.

    Angela Lieverse took us through the recent findings about earlier hominids. She also mentioned that there are traces of Neanderthal DNA in European and Asian genomes. I thought that was pretty impressive.

    We had a poor turnout compared to what we hoped we’d get. Other events were running in town and I don’t think we had enough exposure, media-wise either. I don’t think a lot of people knew it was happening, actually. Maybe we’ll be able to encourage schools to get involved next year though. Plug the pro-science aspects of it a little more.

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