Somebody made a play out of Vernon God Little

It’s in the London papers today so I guess it’s running now. Would be cool to be in London to see that. The play/musical has been around since 2007.

Full of country-and-western songs, line dancing, and testifying to Jesus, the show boasts a panoply of high-definition comic performances. Peter De Jersey radiates insincerity and sexual conceit in his electrifying portrayal of Lally, the ex-TV repairman who dupes his way to media front-man megalomania by exploiting the “grief” of the town. In a debut of extraordinary stamina and accomplishment, Joseph Drake is very winning as Vernon, playing him as a gawky misfit who would like to be Eminem but is perhaps more MOR. Clare Burt beautifully captures the (touching and maddening) susceptibility to bogus blandishments of the damaged mother. She sings hauntingly, as does Luke Brady, as a constant blood-stained revenant in the proceedings.

I have to confess that I find the rather pious moral of the story too precipitately arrived at and a bit trite and sophomoric – but it’s forgiven in the joyous blast of the finale.

At our discussion about this book, we couldn’t decide if we really liked the ending. One hated the character but liked the ending and one liked the book but hated the ending. He was rooting for the innocent boy to die. There was also disagreement over whether or not Vernon was truly innocent in the story, if he actually did get away with murder.

Well anyway, if anyone will be in London before March 5th and wants to watch this, report back on what you thought, k? This is 1minion, living vicariously through the experiences of others…

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