Plastic surgeon “played God” – Honey, you asked him to

I understand why people want to go under the knife to hide signs of aging, or change things they can’t seem to like about themselves. I know a lot of women (and men presumably) decide to pay for these procedures because they think it’ll improve their self-esteem or something but I think this is one of the worst ways to go about doing that. I don’t think it says anything nice about our society if people truly feel this is the only way they’ll be accepted or wanted or beautiful or hired.

From the Express:

Penny Johnson, 49, is suing Le Roux Fourie at London’s High Court over an “inherently risky” operation in which she suffered nerve damage, leaving her with a twitch and what her children call a “monster eye”.

The mother-of-two accused Mr Fourie, 55, of using her as a guinea pig, having only read about the operation in a brochure or on a power point.

She told the judge Mr Justice Owen: “He purposefully decided to play God with my life. I will never be able to move past what happened to me.”

She didn’t like the look of her nose and the circles under her eyes so she asked this Fourie to change that stuff.

Lawrence West QC, for Mrs Johnson said Mr Fourie recommended more extensive surgery – a brow-lift, work on both eyelids, stripping a muscle below her nose and a facelift involving incisions by the ears “like pulling draw-strings on a purse”.

According to the Metro, she picked him off the television in 2003 and waited four years to get her nerves checked — two bad ideas if you ask me. While I feel some sympathy for Johnson’s situation here, she did not have to say yes to any additional work beyond what she asked for. Also according to the Metro, the doc suggested a boob job would improve her health but it doesn’t say whether or not she believed that and bought one of those as well. He starts to sound like the surgeon version of an ambulance chaser, manipulating her into agreeing to things she didn’t need, appealing to her very obvious vanity and lack of confidence. Even if the procedure was going to work perfectly, I’d say she was still in line to get fleeced by the guy.

She wants 54 million pounds worth of compensation and has based this number on how much she thinks she lost financially because of the botched work and resulting depression that made it impossible to deal with the needs of her business. More from the Express:

She told the court: “I don’t want to do anything any more. My husband has a separate life with my son which I am not in on. I can’t be a wife.

“My face is constantly contracting, I don’t sleep and I have a permanent buzzing around my eye which can be so intense that I can’t think about anything.”

Mr Fourie, who practises at the Methley Park Hospital, in Leeds, has admitted liability but denies the operation was experimental. His barrister, Alain Choo Choy QC, claimed Bishop Cavanagh failed for unrelated commercial reasons and the losses were not for the surgeon to pay.

No doubt it’ll take a while to conclude this case. I don’t expect she’ll get all she wants but maybe this case will alert more people about the dangers of this kind of superficial thinking. If you can figure out how to be happy with who you are and what you look like you’ll save yourself a shit load of money and be able to avoid voluntary torture, too. Don’t give guys like Fourie any more money. Maybe he should be forced to give up his high paying job and go fix cleft palates or burn victims. Do some good to kids who really need the work done. Make him join Operation Rainbow and send him away. Assuming he’s even properly qualified…

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